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5 Quick and Easy Icebreakers

5 quick and easy icebreakers
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High energy conference icebreakers will get delegates off their seats, prepped and raring to go. Ice breakers are fun, simple ways for delegates to get comfortable and greet each other in a new environment. It'll make the delegates feel at ease with others plus it's a fantastic way to open up a corporate event or tackle that post lunch energy slump.

It's an even better way for delegates to get to know each other and it'll re-energise delegates half way through the day to ensure that the afternoon activities are as effective as the morning. Inject the ‘go for it' icebreakers to your event and it will drive enthusiasm into your conference or team building event. The key is to choose the right type of icebreaker to meet your objectives and needs that are appropriate to your targeted audience. The organiser can use this event to initially gauge and assess how comfortable the delegates are in the room, their expertise, background and how much they know about the conference topic.

Here are 5 of our finest icebreakers for your corporate event:


Nothing invigorates delegates as effectively as the Haka icebreaker, it's one roaring high energy event that's certainly hard to beat. Have you ever seen the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team perform the ancient Maori tribal dance? This is the perfect way to encourage teams to achieve a common goal as its thrilling, powerful, passionate, disciplined and it's all about unity and strength. What better way to bond your delegates? It will develop team synergy, demonstrate effective collaboration plus it's a real blast.

Tube Grooves

Crack out those tuneful boom whackers at your corporate event. The noisy booms will require the whole group to work in harmony to create a melodious performance piece. The event facilitator will be on hand to lead the group and get everyone participating in a fast paced and fun serious of exercises. The room will be sectioned into groups which means everyone in the room will have work together in harmony to create the top performance.

Human Rollercoaster

Take part in the world's favourite fairground ride and the crazy ups and downs of the human rollercoaster. Can delegates complete the track quickly enough to keep team mates going in the right direction? For this event the delegates will be given poles, t bars and for your delegates to build the constantly evolving track. Your team will need every ounce of skill, control and communication to safeguard the sphere and get their rollercoaster running until the end of the line.

Toppling Towers

Build a tower capable of supporting a marshmallow using only spaghetti, string and sticky tape. It's time to roll up your sleeves, get creative and put your construction skills to the test. Work together with colleagues to build on your collective skills and knowledge in building a tower that won't topple over. Who has the best coordination, creativity and theory to build a successful tower?

Bridge Too Far

This challenging, construction themed team building activity is great for an entire workforce. Each team member will work together to create a section of the bridge using only the materials provided. Bridge building is the ultimate effective way to illustrate poor examples of team work, if one section is weak the entire structure is threatened. Remember one person can't build a bridge on their own and this is a great example of communication and collaboration plus requires problem solving skills and creative thinking.

What are your favourite icebreakers? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

05th Wednesday April 2017

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