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Christmas Activities

DRIVING DAYS! Give your team some time to let off steam with our Driving days activities! A great way to impress clients and build upon relationships at work in an unusual environment.

Superb for improving communication within your team and developing delegation skills, corporate driving days have everything you need.  

Experience with your team our unique and purpose-built driving course located in Nottingham. We also offer these days at alternate locations around the UK, as we can take our vehicles on the road to a site which suits. Teams will have the opportunity to work together and on their own, driving all sorts of different sets of wheels. We have a great variety to choose from such as: quad bikes, 4x4 driving, rage buggies, powertunrs, micro quads and many more to keep everyone entertained. 

If you are looking for a team building event that draws your team away from the day to day activities in the office, then treat your team to our driving days! This activity is sure to take all minds off work for a small amount of time allowing time to re charge the brain and get stuck into something challenging, full of adrenaline and exciting. When the team arrives back to the office they will have something in common to talk about and reminisce on all the memories created. Whoever manages to be the fastest driver on the day will be able to brag about that for a while too. 

Our course is fantastic and is built to keep in mind the experience of the drivers, making sure all twists and turns are challenging. This activity is not only physically demanding but requires teams to think tactics when approaching the race course. Teams work together to try and gain as many points as they can to be crowned the kings and queens of off-roading. This ignites team bonding, morale and competitiveness between everyone. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

28th Friday September 2018

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