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Events Industry Trends 2018

events industry trends 2018
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2018 is an exciting year for events designed to empower employees

The countdown to the New Year is fast approaching and 2018 is just around the corner. We're excited for what the events industry has to offer over the next year including the trends we're likely to see developing in 2018. It's likely to become an unpredictable time with Brexit as we experience a challenging year in meetings and events. Trends are ever evolving and based on observations we're excited to share what's on the radar and hot for 2018 in the industry.

What's hot on the trend the list for the year ahead

Objectives for events

Culture is the buzz word in the industry, clients are discovering that their company is either sinking or swimming depending on the values reflected by their leaders and employees work ethic. The power is much more in their hands and it's estimated that 50% of companies are attempting to shift their culture in response to increased competition and the need to retain good employees. Therefore smarter thinking when booking a team building event in 2018 will become a priority for clients particularly if budgets are tighter with Brexit looming. Team building and corporate events need to empower and inspire employees and their managers. It's important to choose an event that fits with your company values to ensure your team building experience blends with your objectives. Our specialist event coordinators at Off Limits Event Professionals will advise you on the best team building experience to fit with your company values and to ensure you receive the best outcome.


This topic is becoming a major focus in the workplace as the uncertainties of Brexit means companies will come under increasing pressure to retain and take care of their talented employees. Mindfulness is about practicing and observing your thoughts. The practice is slowly starting to build momentum and become more accepted in the workplace and helps improve the bottom line. The idea of mindfulness in the workplace is about connecting with the present moment as well as colleagues. Mindfulness and wellbeing activities are designed to increase awareness, combat stress, improve work-life balance and inspire everyone to think more positively. As workloads become busier and communication lapsing in the workplace there is a greater need for steady and consistent meditation. This will lead to compassionate workplaces where employees feel rewarded and comforted in their roles. The MIA is also supporting this initiative in 2018 by creating a number of dedicated workshops to foster and improve wellbeing in the workplace. At Off Limits Event Professionals we have a range of inspired and dedicated mindfulness workshops to tackle stress and anxiety that will inspire teams to think more positively. In particular our stress buster classes help to control tension, improve concentration and encourage a better work life balance.

Outdoor team building events

Hosting meetings and team building in an outdoor environment has been growing in popularity throughout 2017 and will continue to rise in 2018. The activities contribute to improving delegates mind and bodies, and promoting healthy lifestyles outside of the office walls. It's a great way to improve skills in a fresh environment to inspire, educate and entertain employees. It will also inspire brand new challenges without the normal threat of failure and spark delegates into learning new skills.

Events and experiential

2017 has seen an increased growth toward experientially-led events and clients are no longer happy just to sit delegates in a conference room. They're requesting more experiences to remember and are navigating towards more indoor and outdoor team building events to add onto their conferences. In particular creative culinary and baking experiences such as the British Baking Challenge and Creative Candy. Another great event that encourages individuals to have fun with shakers, stirrers and spirits is Cocktail Making plus it's a great way to entertain guests and get delegates talking at a conference.

Technology and audience engagement

It's becoming increasingly important to shape conferences to the needs and expectations of an audience. Delegates want to become more engaged and an integral part of a conference or presentation. Using software such as Interactive Presentations for a conference is the perfect addition for creating engagement. The software is the ideal tool for customising a presentation and adding value to your corporate event. The award-winning software allows delegates to log onto the wi-fi through their devices to access the URL provided. Each delegate can scroll through the presentation and send personalised questions to the presenter as a way of encouraging two-way communication. Through this software delegates can even drum up a social buzz by sending though comments via hashtags to the presenter.

Have you seen any events industry trends due in 2018? We'd love to hear your thoughts on Linkedin and Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

13th Wednesday December 2017

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