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How To Maintain Motivation Post Team Building Event

how to maintain motivation post team building event
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Team building and corporate events are fascinating, uplifting and provide a massive boost to morale in the workplace. It's an opportunity for employees to get out of the office for the day and it supports professional development and engagement on a new level.

However, post event there can be a drop in morale and many employers struggle to continue the momentum. Once the corporate event is over employees struggle to go back to the grind and employers need to ensure a follow up is established.

It can be tricky for companies to focus on nurturing the connections created and established during the event. Here are our top tips for energising the workplace and maintaining momentum after your team building event:

1.Schedule out of office events

Scheduling events on a frequent basis provides employees with plenty of opportunity to bond further with their colleagues. How about setting up “cinema club” or go out for “Tuesday drinks” for a fun evening together? Even bringing a team together to celebrate a colleagues birthday can help develop and foster deeper relationships.

2. Match employees who work together

well It's important for every employee to bond in a relaxed team building environment during an event. It's even more important to ask delegates who have worked well together to partner up for larger, more troublesome projects. Add in extra praise when individuals work well on projects to boost morale within the company and encourage employees to keep up the hard-work.

3. Book another event Why not?

If you have the time and budget to book next year's event in advance, the choice is endless from outdoor to indoor and themed evening events. Think about adding an icebreaker to your next meeting to create lots of energy and oomph for your delegates, it's a reminder of the fun created on your team building event and an opportunity to revisit your experience. Try something different and perhaps opt for an event where employees can practice the art of mindfulness and wellbeing with a stress buster session or inject a little bit of humour with a comedy class.

4. Buy post event T-shirts or merchandise

Have you thought about purchasing t-shirts or mugs to remind employees of their happy experience created on the event? This is a great way to keep the sentiments of the event alive. If it's a t-shirt, perhaps ask everyone to wear them every month to celebrate team work and good efforts. Every time individuals reach for the cuppa the happy memories of the team building event will be on their minds.

5. Get feedback

At Off Limits Event Professionals we provide post event feedback emails, this gives the attendees the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of their overall experience. It's a reminder of your team building event and an opportunity to rate the event. The most important detail is whether attendees found overall fun and value in the event.

6. Internal communications

Think about internal communications. Do you have an intranet site? Or company sharing platform? Post and share photos following the event so you and your colleagues are reminded of your memories. These experiences will be displayed on these platforms for a long time and is a great way to look back on these valuable experiences.

7. Lunch n' learn sessions

Events exist because individuals in the same professional field enjoy learning and networking together. Continue the team building experience by having lunch n learns where individuals convene to discuss the latest company advances, share your experiences and stay connected.

How do you keep the momentum post corporate or team building event? How do you keep that momentum going? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

20th Friday October 2017

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