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Let's Get Physical

let's get physical
Christmas Activities

Team building doesn’t have to just be office based, we provide many events that get you and your team outside and involved in physical challenges. A perfect way to re-energise your team outside of the office environment. Here are some of our top physical team building activities:

It’s a Knockout:

Our official It’s a Knockout is one for the to do list. High energy, competitive and great for developing communication skills. We’re talking inflatables, giant penguin costumes and relay races giving you the ultimate It’s a Knockout experience. 

Totally Wiped Out:

Be prepared for inflatable obstacle courses, bouncy fun challenges including the big red balls and be ready to immerse yourself within the foam on tricky trunks. Totally Wiped Out is without a doubt fantastic for team building, its main benefits include competitiveness, time management and communication. 

In It 2 Win It

Quick fire and high energy timed challenges. We have over 100 different challenges, all of these get you on the edge of your seat. Try something different and don’t be worried if you look silly with a helmet on catching tortillas on your head, everyone is in the same boat. This event is great for team building for a conference or meeting and works well as an ice breaker. 

British Baking Challenge:

Have a team that loves their treats at work? With our British Baking Challenge you can bake your own office treats together. This is an all time favourite activity, packed full of ingredients to help build upon team unity, interaction between teams and encourages teams to be more resourceful. 

School Sports Spectacular:

Rewind back to school and go back to egg and spoon races, relay races and wheelbarrow races but with a difference. Everyone will feel like big kids and compete to win the races in their teams. This event is guaranteed to give you competitive fun and boost morale.

Mission X:

Your team meets military operation in this challenge, see who has the communication, collaboration and problem solving skills to complete Mission X. A member of the group has been kidnapped and taken hostage, can you find them?  

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

05th Friday April 2019

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