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A Mindful Approach To New Year Team Building

mindful approach to new year team building
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The practice of mindfulness is starting to build momentum in the workplace

Mindfulness is the buzz word for 2018 and it's everywhere. One place you might not hear about the topic is in the workplace. This needs to change.

Mindfulness is about practicing and observing your thoughts and choosing how to behave. The practice is slowly starting to build momentum and become more accepted in the workplace as clients have proven it improves the bottom line. It's estimated that 50% of an individuals time is spent wandering and worrying about what has happened and may occur in the future. Mindfulness is a psychological process of bringing attention to the experiences occurring in the present moment.

The CEO of the company Aetna studied their culture a few years ago and following their review decided to reshape their culture and offered free yoga and meditation for 50,000 employees. The impact was so successful it meant the company was gaining an average of 62 minutes in productivity. Employees who decided to participate in yoga gained a 28% reduction in stress levels and a 20% improvement in sleep quality. It also proved to have great impact on the bottom line.

Connect with the present moment in an emotional and positive way

The busier our workloads become in challenging times this means that rushed communication can be misinterpreted. In a time of ‘quick' including smartphones and emails means we are rushing communication and the recipient could be potentially confused or it could lack sensitivity. Generally, how we interpret communication can depend on our personal relationship with them and if trust is lacking. Mindfulness is about the present moment and being aware of emotions and how you're feeling. Mindfulness tackles the feeling of the present moment and if you're upset about a previous interaction there's a strong chance the message will influence the emotions experienced. Mindfulness can raise an employees state of awareness by giving individuals the clarity not to react to others in their environment. It will create the space for individuals to hold off responses until they're in a better space. Mindfulness team building exercises teach you that a cluttered and flustered mind is like a traffic jam with no movement or progress. The various breathing and meditation process is designed to clear the mind and allow for a cohesive flow of thoughts. In the current workplace it's not possible to have a clear mind when you're busy and constantly juggle and with a steady and consistent meditation we can have this experience. If an employees mind is neglected it means you can become irritable quickly and lose the ability to focus and concentrate. The beauty of mindfulness is about building up the muscle of the mind and preparing employees for the challenges and obstacles ahead. The tools practiced during meditation can be harnessed both inside and outside the workplace.


The idea of mindfulness is about connecting with the present moment and with the workplace in a more positive and emotional way. The following mindfulness and wellbeing activities are designed to improve the work-life balance, combat stress and inspire individuals to think more positively. Health in Mind classes are focused on being present and aware and designed to inspire employees to focus on relaxation, concentration and dealing with problems. The mindfulness practitioner carefully crafts classes that can cover everything from breathing exercises to body scanning and mindful eating. No two individuals and no two companies are identical so each mindfulness session is bespoke and tailored to suit. Another exercise designed to enhance the idea of mindfulness is the Art of Being Arty team building class. The event will unleash a creative side and cultivate a therapeutic flair. A fantastic way to get dancing and moving on your team building event is through Bollywood Boost dance classes. The event is about pure energy, excitement and joy as you learn to laugh, relax and express yourself through music and movement. It isn't your average class either as you learn to clap, cheer, chant and it's a massive mood booster.

If you're interested in introducing mindfulness to your next team building or corporate event please contact us on

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Written by Jenna Halford

27th Monday November 2017

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