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sas team building
Christmas Activities

So many popular TV programmes relate to our events in so many ways. We know how addictive some series can be and how much it can be the talk of the office. We create events so that your employees can talk and bond over real life events just like the TV programmes they all love. Recently ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ has begun, and what a great reminder of how important teamwork and team spirit is so important within an organisation. We have events that relate to this programme and will make your team feel like they are on there very own SAS training journey. 

SAS School

If you have a team that are competitive and have a winning mentality, then SAS School would be the perfect event to test their resilience and drive. You will be put through your paces with a variety of different trials and tasks that reflect real-life SAS school. There will be no individual winners in this event as the aim is to create a team that succeed together. Team members will be taught and demonstrated a range of military skills that only the toughest can master, so be prepared for a physical and mental challenge. Learn things at sniper school, small arms live firing, get put through the interrogation phase and undergo physical training.   

Boot Camp

Who will survive at boot camp? You will be taken away from your comfort zones and set a series of exciting and tough challenges in a military environment. Collaboration, teamwork and attention to detail are vital if you are to survive. Find out who is prepared to follow the rules and who works best under pressure. This event is a great way for senior management to gauge group behaviour of their team. 

Bush Craft Survival 

Can your team survive out in the open, use their initiative and be creative? This event is team building at it’s wildest! Put your team to the test without any of the technology they are used to today, no phones, no internet to google the answers just pure brain power and teamwork. Discover how to survive on the land using only teamwork, basic tools and ancient techniques. This event requires serious mental strength and being able to pull each other through to the end through leadership and delegation.  

TV for the rest of the year…

Throughout the year there are always TV programmes on that we can relate too, check out the list below of some of the events that we provide:

Jungle Experience  

In It 2 Win It 

British Baking Challenge

Crystal Quest 


CSI Investigate 

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

17th Friday January 2020

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