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Top 4 team building activities

top 4 team building activities
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When deciding on which activity to choose for your team building day you can be faced with a big decision. From indoor events to big outdoor events who knows which could be the best one for your team. That is why we are here to help. Each one of our events has endless amounts of benefits for the whole office. We want to ensure that everyone reaps the benefits and your team building day is filled with activities that will get everyone involved. However, we thought we would list below our top 4 events and all the benefits. Picking an event for your team can be difficult but we are here to make the decision a little bit easier. Below are our top 4 events for your team building day that will ensure your away day is a huge success. 

It's a Knockout

It’s a Knockout is a unique and unforgettable experience. The aim is simple: score as many points as possible in each game. Sounds easy? This game is much harder than you think when you are roaring with laughter or even wearing a pair of giant shoes. Get everyone together for an outstanding activity that’s fun and competitive. A brilliant bonding experience, It’s a Knockout is the best way to spark the old team spirit. If you’re searching for corporate events that get absolutely everyone involved, the whole company can participate in this team building bonanza. 

Teams battle it out in different Knockout challenges. We are talking soaking sponges, huge inflatables, and enough foam to fill a bubble factory. This event is filled with endless benefits from friendly competition to building confidence, It’s a Knockout is the perfect activity to ensure everyone has an outstanding time. It’s a Knockout challenge each individual both mentally and physically to enable each team member to get the most out of your team building day.

Tablet treasure hunt

Tablet treasure hunt is a great way to get everyone working as a team and being creative. An ingenious app, team selfies, video challenges and real time features! Once you are split into your teams you will begin to answer questions and unlock challenges to help your team earn points. Within these games there is no official route so put your heads together and plan one that’ll get your team from A to B in the fastest time. Whoever has the most points at the end is the winner and will receive a bottle of champagne from us! 

Tablet treasure hunt is a great way to get all the team up and moving, working with each other, and adding in a bit of competition. This activity helps build confidence, communication and helps the team dig into their leadership and delegation’s skills to be able to complete and hopefully win the event.

Gameshow of all Gameshows 

With all the best bits from all the classics, why play one game show when you can play multiple? This event is filled with all the best game shows on TV. You can step up to the podium and represent your team as you take on all the questions. We bring all the tech, our expert host and all the buzzers and podiums. All you need to do is bring your team to take on the ultimate game show event.

Gameshow of all game shows is a fantastic event to boost morale within your office. Bringing your team together in such a fun way ensures that everybody goes back into the office reaping the benefits of the day. Gameshow of all gameshows builds communication skills, as you are working together for the same goal it is important everyone knows the right way to communicate. A long with many benefits gameshow of all gameshows is a confidence booster. Building your confidence in an office can be tricky but by bringing in a team building day with this activity can help with that.

Bespoke events 

Struggling to pick just one event for your team? Don’t worry we have you covered. Finding an event to suit everyone can be difficult, however we can take a few aspects from a few different events of your choice and bring them all together. This way you don’t just have to pick one, we can mix and match a few of your favourites and create an event designed for your team.

Creating a bespoke event has many benefits. The main one being that we can tailor this event specifically for you and your team. We can take all your goals and objectives for day and ensure we cover all of these across the whole day. We can also ensure that everyone can get involved and enjoy themselves. Picking a few of your favourite events and bringing them together van ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

This is just a glimpse into just a few of our events, if you think one of these events could be the perfect one for you and your team, give us a call today and we will get started on planning the perfect team building day. Picking the event for your team building day is one of the most important aspects, we want to ensure all your goals and objectives of the day are achieved through the event. Head to the links below to take a further look into each one of our top 4 events.

1. Its a Knockout

2. Tablet Treasure Hunt

3. Game of all Gameshows

4. Bespoke events 

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Written by Nellie Gethins

18th Friday August 2023

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