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Top 5 Cryptic and Mysterious Team Building Events

top 5 cryptic and mysterious team building events
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Unusual team building events adds an element of intrigue and excitement

Are you looking for an event that's a little mysterious and incorporates plenty of physical and mental challenges? Corporate events that have mystery and intrigue spark curiosity amongst delegates plus the exciting themes appeal to a wide audience. They'll get everybody within a group collaborating and teach problem solving, communication and competitive skills with a little excitement thrown in the mix.

Cryptic, mysterious with plenty of imagination

Here are our top 5 cryptic and mysterious team building events:

Crystal Amazed

This team building event is based on the cult TV classic and ground-breaking game show. It is one of the most imaginative and engaging team building events involving the world of crystals, themed zones, challenges, domes and golden tickets. Each crystal the team collects will buy team mates precious seconds inside the crystal dome. As the event is so popular we'll be launching an indoor version of the event in early 2018, we have replicated many of the exciting themed zones for an indoor environment. The event has a mysterious and cryptic twist on team building with plenty of physical and mental challenges for all delegates.

CSI Investigate

This fun and fascinating investigative team building event is based on the top hit TV series where a heinous crime was committed and the suspected criminals were arrested. Unfortunately, the team haven't done the best job and its down to the delegates to pick up the case. Teams must race against the clock to get to the truth and eliminate wrongly accused suspects. One of our top CSI team building events this year was for client Global Pay for 180 delegates. Their employees took part in a wide range of activities including blood splatter analysis, fingerprinting, phone interrogation, CCTV analysis, witness statements and television appeals. The themed CSI event was a great success and certainly added an interactive and immersive element to the team building event.

Murder Mystery

A Murder Mystery is a classic team building night that never fails to keep delegates entertained after dark. An evening of fine dining shrouded in plenty of mystery and intrigue. The scene is perfectly set and the dramatic scenarios are performed by professional actors. As guests sit down to dinner they'll be unaware they're about to star in a thrilling murder mystery extravaganza. The evening entertainment starts with characters introducing themselves during pre-dinner drinks. The evening event will draw to a final close with guests proclaiming ‘whodunnit' over dessert and coffee.

Diamond Heist

This event is all about executing a mission with precision after your superiors have identified a valuable van carrying cargo. During this event you'll be briefed by experienced instructors (a few with Special Forces backgrounds) You'll learn how to manoeuvre your forces into position as you clear the room of any threats as you learn to operate the Airsoft replicas of real tactical weaponry. Using a full SWAT assault kit, your crew will deploy machine guns and semi-automatic pistols to stop, control and overpower the occupants of a prison van. It's all about grabbing plenty of cash, springing the prisoner and vanishing into the night with your delegates.

Sorcerers Apprenticeship

Who wouldn't get excited about diving into the world of witchcraft and wizardry? For this event students will be sorted into houses by the famous sorting hat as delegates go head to head in a serious of magical challenges. You'll need to complete a number of tasks to earn points for your house as you pick up pieces to complete the jigsaw finale at the end. The themed activities include quick quidditch, potion palava, room of recollection, school run, vault violation, snakes and moving staircases, pensive whispers with all the activities coming together in the finale as you complete the giant magical puzzle.

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Written by Jenna Halford

14th Thursday December 2017

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