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Top 5 Outdoor Team Building Activities For Summer

top 5 outdoor team building activities for summer
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The summer is fast approaching and many companies are shifting their attention towards outdoor team building activities. Many of our clients work indoors, making the open air a far more appealing option for team building. Employees get excited about the prospect of spending a work day outside and get the chance to interact and boost their skillsets in a more casual, fun and social setting than their usual one.

There's a lot more on offer than you might think. Gone are the days when team building meant running around a paintball arena. Here are five of our most popular outdoor team building activities for summer.

Crystal Amazed

The Crystal Amazed team building experience is an imaginative take on the cult 90s TV series. We've created games inspired by the ones that featured on the show, only we've set them outside rather than inside. Teams crack cryptic clues and conquer the mental and physical challenges in each of the themed zones to win crystals. Each team needs to make it through all four of the zones to earn crystals. These buy them precious seconds inside the final crystal dome. Just like in the TV show, they must collect as many gold tickets as possible and avoid the silver ones. It's great fun, brilliant for bonding a team, and also a good way to improve problem solving skills.

Jungle Experience

The Jungle Experience is one of our most popular outdoor team building activities for summer. Everyone's seen the ITV show ‘I'm a Celebrity'. This event is full of challenges created by our design team in our onsite workshop. You've seen the show.  Now it's time to face everything from bug platters and spider webs to boxes filled with sticky, furry surprises that move! This is an outdoor team building event that's been specifically designed to improve communication, develop problem solving abilities and teach the art of resourcefulness to teams. Clients have a great time shouting: ‘I'm an employee; get me outta here!'

Totally Wiped Out

This great outdoor team building is exclusive to Off Limits and was created on site in our design workshop. It's inspired by the smash hit BBC gameshow Total Wipeout, but people compete in teams rather than as individuals. The inflatable course is full of bouncy challenges that teams complete to win points. There's the Big Red Balls Alley, the challenging inflatable Punch Wall, and the Sweeper Arm. We've also introduced a number of new Totally Wiped Out games for 2016, including the Perilous Pyramid, Wrecking Ball and X-treme Zorbing. The games can be conducted as team relays, which means everyone can get involved and have some competitive fun in a fresh environment. 

It's a Knockout

It's 20 years since we started the ‘It's a Knockout' event and it still remains our most popular team building activity. It's a Knockout is the biggest and bounciest of our events, making it a totally unforgettable experience. We own all the original inflatables, costumes and games from the classic BBC series that entertained millions in the 70s and 80s. We ran over 50 corporate' It's A Knockout' events last year alone and its popularity has now extended to a whole new generation.

Team Work Challenge

The Team Work Challenge is the ultimate outdoor team building event for summer! It's fantastic for helping clients develop team relationships. Each task is unique and requires a different skillset, so it's also a good way to help team members identify and understand the strengths of their colleagues. Challenges include rocket building, blindfold human sheep herding and blindfold tent building. This outdoor team building activity has been designed to tackle some of the most common issues in the workplace such as time management, delegation and working as a unit to making the most of your individual strengths.

Have you invested in any outdoor team building events with your employees? What is your favorite outdoor team building activity? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

10th Tuesday May 2016

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