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Top 5 team building activities using dance and movement

top 5 team building activities using dance and movement
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Do you want to get moving and shaking on your team building event? Active and fun events are great for team morale and self-esteem and a massive mood booster. With successful mainstream shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor we're seeing a massive trend in requests for performance related team building events.

Here are our top 5 team building events that involve plenty of movement, laughter and dance:

1. Bollywood Boost

This event is all about energy, excitement and pure joy. You'll have a blast as you experience the beat and begin to learn simple steps to build a routine with your colleagues. The instructors will have everyone moving from the start as you break down the routine into simple steps, adding hand movements, eye and facial expressions into your dance for dramatic effect. For the finale you'll be split into teams as you experience the big Bollywood and Bhangra dance-off. It's time to discover your inner dancer as you learn to laugh, relax with colleagues and express yourself through music and movement. This isn't your average dance class either as you learn to bring individual creativity and team work together. Learn the steps to the beat and perform with dancers as you clap, cheer and chant. Bollywood Boost also encourages a whole host of team building benefits from creativity to communication, building trust and confidence boosting skills.

2. Salsa Dancing

Do you think you could match your performance to the level of the stars from Strictly Come Dancing? It's a chance to prove yourself as you learn to tackle a routine as delegates compete to become Salsa Sensation Champions. You'll start the session with a quick briefing as the instructors teach the whole group some basic salsa movements to a hot Latino beat. Once the group is up to speed on the basics they'll be split into pairs or small groups and learn a specially crafted routine. All delegates will be given time to perfect their routines before the competition starts as the panel of judges award scores to the top winners. Which individuals will close the event and perform the final dance? This event encourages creative and interactive skills including boosting morale and enhancing communication.

3. Comedy Class

This is one unique team building activity that encourages plenty of laughter alongside wellbeing. Dive into the world of Peter Kay or Morecambe and Wise with this fascinating and fun comedy class. Don't worry individuals won't be tasked to do a big solo, it's about exchanging ideas, communicating, relaxing and bonding. There will be plenty of physical warm-ups, improv challenges, public speaking, miming and clowning sessions. These classes are innovative, enlightening and can teach a lot about yourself and the individuals around you. Clients can also tailor classes to focus on presenting skills as comedy stand up can be pretty daunting for delegates. Remember comedy is about connecting with your audience and creating engagement.

4. Music to make teams by?

This event is School of Rock meets The X Factor in Music to Make Teams By. This is a fun and creative team building activity that means delegates will work together in perfect harmony to have a shot at winning the ‘Battle of the Bands' competition. It's time to take to the stage like real rock gods as each team will perform the same song. The event starts with a brief and teams will need leadership and delegation skills to assign roles including lead and backing singers. For the grand finale you'll take part in a nail biting ‘Battle of the Bands' competition where points are awarded for performance, costumes, artistic flair and stage presence.

5. One Voice

Give your team building event an injection of star quality with this full-choir spectacular. Delegates will unite to put together a showstopping performance as you prepare to dust off the vocal chords and lose your inhibitions. One voice will begin with a hit song which can be tweaked to match your brands message. Begin with warm ups and assign roles based on individual strengths and watch the song grow into a roof raising-final rendition. It's time to watch your fellow colleagues transform into a choral powerhouse.

Did you want to incorporate dance and movement into your team building event? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

21st Tuesday November 2017

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