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What Teambuilding Lessons Can We Learn from Six Nations Rugby

what teambuilding lessons can we learn from six nations rugby
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The RBS 6 Nations rugby tournament is back! We're all excited to see if England can shake off the cobwebs from their World Cup performance. There's plenty to learn about teambuilding from this, so let's go through some lessons.

A little excitement won't kill you

Six Nations is not just about the game. It's a huge spectacle, from pre-match pyrotechnics to after-game entertainment! Captivate your audience from the start, and keep the excitement levels high throughout your whole event.

For rugby-centric excitement, check out our Haka icebreaker!

Pace your work alongside your team

Rugby requires teamwork in every single area. If one player rushes too far ahead without team support, they will most likely get tackled. Learn to be part of the machine that is your team, and work alongside them rather than just for yourself. You can really supercharge performance when you stick together.

We run the perfect Team Work Challenge, which will bring every member together as a unit.

Mistakes are learning experiences

When mistakes and errors are made, don't see them as problems. Work as a team to remedy the situation, analyse what went wrong, and learn from your analysis. England went through this exact same process following the Rugby World Cup, bringing in a new coach and picking a fresh team. We're excited to see whether this works. But if it doesn't, they will dust themselves off and repeat the process until they get it right!

To teach your team the power of learning from mistakes, you need to get them motivated to try when they fail. Try out One Voice. Everyone hits a few false notes before they get the tune right!

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Written by Jason England

16th Tuesday February 2016

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