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Why team building is important during tough times

why team building is important during tough times
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Recent challenging social economic events means employee self-confidence is increasingly becoming affected in the workplace. These potential issues are often reflected in performance as the threat of uncertainty drives down morale and confidence. Especially with the recent UK election and the continuing threat of terrorism means workplace morale issues are on the rise. It is essential employers seek to reassure employees during potential difficulties and threats faced, working to maintain a productive and harmonious working environment. So how can companies unite employees, reduce stress and improve bonds during this time?

This can often be achieved through team building events as they're designed to get employees united, motivated and working together as a team. There's many different types of activities to suit differing needs whether it's to combat stress, improve morale or inject enjoyment into company culture. We have an array of events to suit all needs.

The growing Mindfulness trend will support individuals by improving awareness, focus, stress levels, work-life balance and inspires employees to think more positively. The stress buster workshops will support individual needs, control tension and manage stress levels especially through unsettling, economic issues.

At Off Limits Event Professionals we offer a number of team building events that injects plenty of fun, enthusiasm and creates a light-hearted atmosphere amongst delegates. The It's a Knockout event is a slapstick style fun team building activity that has huge inflatables, sponges, wacky relay races and plenty of foam. It's unique, unforgettable and a total scream for all employees, giving them the opportunity to be transported to an enjoyable environment for the day. The Bake Off event is also great chance for employees to learn new creative skills in a relaxed environment. During this event employees work together in teams to create a scrumptious afternoon tea good enough to impress the judges. These events are designed to inspire employees outside the workplace and help build a community culture.

If your goal is to inspire employees through team bonding and develop core team work principles the Apprenticeship Challenge is a winner. This event has number of challenges and is a brilliant way to develop negotiation and delegation skills amongst employees. Teams will be able to choose from competing in the shopping list challenge, creating commercials, pitching calenders or taking part in the chocolate craft challenge. These decision-making techniques are a great boost for employees during the election time particularly when it comes to decision making and negotiation skills.

For something more unique our new team building event The Hunt will spark delegates attention as they immerse themselves into the elusive undercover world. This event is delivered by ex-military and elite professionals as individuals learn theories about criminal surveillance. Delegates will get to put their new found skills and knowledge to the test in a covert mission and practical assessment. The event is delivered throughout cities and towns as delegates mingle with the general-public and half of the task is to ensure individuals keep themselves under wraps whilst tracking down the target.

Most importantly team building can help reinforce stability and create a calmer working environment. Whether the goal is to create stronger bonds, reassure, relax employees or inject fun team building can have a positive influence on workplace culture. Team building events not only boost morale but bolsters confidence and builds community during a tempestuous time. Employees will better understand each other strengths, weaknesses and interests through team bonding exercises. This understanding helps employees work better together and is important for the future progress of a business. Improving communication and bonding is the top reason why employers choose team building and this ultimately creates a happier working community.

What are your thoughts on the importance of team building through turbulent times? How do you seek to reassure employees? We'd love to hear from you on Linked in or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

09th Friday June 2017

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