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Workplace Culture For Millennials

workplace culture for millennials
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Millennials value company culture above any other generation

The upcoming generation are shaping the workplaces of tomorrow and by 2020 nearly half of the working population will be made up of millennials. This generation is making a great impact on company culture and are looking for a higher value from their employers. The result is a gradual shift in movement towards companies that appease and support employee needs and demands. If a company supports these needs it's a great-way of aiding employee retention and supporting the overall bottom line. Building this type of workforce will likely feel different and require a new style of management skill than other teams.

At Off Limits Events we have some practical tips on how to approach on the millennial team building and employee development. According to an article in Entrepreneur, one company found “more millennials (79%) found that team culture building activities significantly helped to retain employees” becoming one of the most powerful tools for improving retention and boosting change.

Millennials particularly love to be present, connected and engaged to their workplace

How can employers specifically accommodate for the needs of the millennial and build a positive company culture?

Team building

More millennials love team building events as it can support healthy competition, increase employee satisfaction and build a positive atmosphere. When carefully selected team building events are chosen it increases employee morale and gets everyone in the team excited. This generation of employees are craving high energy, innovative, interactive, collaborative and inspiring team building activities more than ever before. The current trend in team building means individuals are requesting events that impact the world around them, add value and make a difference. Charity Bike Build and Changing Rooms team building events are great for putting employee skills towards a good cause and a worthwhile purpose. Other popular choices for this generation include highly interactive activities such as Jungle Experience and the bouncy Totally Wiped Out, these events are great for adjusting the balance between fun and work.

Work-life balance

It's reported millennials need a healthy-work life balance with statistics suggesting the importance of this balance for company growth. Millennial professionals need to work in a place where the environment supports the health and happiness of their employees. Examples of this can be found with provision of flexible working, holidays and professional development needs. Working towards flexible schedules mean creativity can be spurred and developed outside the hours of 9 to 5.

Ideas above things

Millennials are idealistic and not in a naive way either, they certainly recognise the ideas of their previous generational counterparts and are more willing to work for companies that nurture and encourage idea generation. Millennials will not only feel like they're part of something much bigger but will provide the fuel for change and growth. Millennials enjoy figuring out their own approach to problems and making their own decisions, to figure out their required outcomes and get it on their own terms. Millennials are against micromanagement, much preferring leadership and inspiration to grow not management. Again, team building can support this idea generation as certain team building events support inspiration, problem solving, leadership, creativity and growth. Feedback and growth Millennials prefer more feedback and growth at both corporate and on an individual level. They like more feedback because it's affirmation to keep learning and improving on skills. They've been raised in a fast-paced corporate environment and may need constant reassurance on how to continually make improvements and support growth. The potential limits to skill growth are endless too and it's natural for employees to seek development at all costs.

What are your thoughts on the workplace culture shift for millennials? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin

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Written by Jenna Halford

28th Wednesday March 2018

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