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5 Teambuilding New Year Resolutions for 2016

5 teambuilding new year resolutions for 2016
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The New Year is just around the corner! It's the time when families around the world get together to celebrate and create resolutions to improve their lives. Why does that have to stay outside of work? Over 2016, you will spend 1842 hours of your time at work - that's 21% of your entire time over the year!

If you're spending so much time with your team at work, stick to these five teambuilding resolutions and have a great 2016.

Bring the team together like a family

People who feel like part of a team communicate and work together more effectively. Every person is an individual, but they love to be a part of something bigger. This can be done easily with a round of It's a Knockout!

Identify strengths and weaknesses, and then align the team perfectly

Every individual within a team has strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes we see somebody in the wrong position to do any good (the challenges from this season of The Apprentice are a good example). But when you understand what makes your team members tick, you can get them working together more harmoniously!

Have clearly defined goals

A good team can only do great things with a definite goal. Make sure each member knows exactly what they're doing before they start each project, so you can guarantee a win every time. Step into Lord Sweetener's boardroom for the Apprenticeship Challenge, and put this tip to the test!

Improve problem solving

Solving problems is a key part of business. With that in mind, you need a team that can think critically about a situation, to deliver the best solution to a problem. We'd recommend a good lock box challenge to give your team a great set of brain teasers.

Improve morale

A happy team is a productive team. Business can be stressful, and negativity doesn't help inspire people to work. Something fun like a day on Segways gives people a morale boost and gets them back on track.

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Written by Jason England

31st Thursday December 2015

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