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Multi Activity Days More Than Just a Jolly

multi activity days more than just a jolly
Christmas Activities

Cover image: thought we could use one of our own for this, Rage buggies or shooting or something??

Multi-activity days cram a whole lotta benefits into one team building day. Yes, of course you're going to have fun. But there's more to it than that. You're not taking the team driving and shooting just for the crack! There's a method behind the madness.

Outdoor activities and classic country sports can achieve specific goals and have clearly visible, measurable outcomes. Identify your objectives and then create your own custom event.

Overcoming resistance to change

It's inevitable, but still we resist it. Getting a team to accept and embrace change is tricky at best. If you want to handle resistance in a positive, transparent way, remove barriers and encourage two-way communication. If you're looking for a team building activity that can achieve both goals in one hit, try a multi-activity day with reverse steer driving or shooting.

Problem solving and perseverance

If at first you don't succeed… have another bash. And another. Turn frustration around and inject a little humour into problem solving with an activity that's all about the fine art of perseverance! I'm talking about power turns. These two-seater dragsters have two levers in place of steering wheel or pedals. Pair up, grab a lever and persevere until you've cracked it. The rewards are worth the frustration! I'm talking donuts, wheelies, and super fast acceleration.

Bonding and building trust

Few things bond and build trust like a new - and slightly scary - experience. Enter blindfold driving. Try this and you'll learn to love backseat drivers! Jump behind the wheel of a 4x4 blindfolded and see if you can get past the finish line using instructions from colleagues in the passenger seats. Left, right,

Learning new skills

With the conference and events industry changing faster than ever before, expanding your skills base to survive has never been more important. Learning a new skill during a multi-activity day with benefits that can be easily transferred to the office is a fast and effective way to illustrate the value of keeping your skill base topped up.

Mastering a skill such as archery teaches teams about concentration, keeping a cool head, staying focussed under pressure, and using specific techniques to achieve a goal.

Encourage competition

Ok, so I'm not suggesting you encourage all-out war, but a little healthy competition is a good thing. Rage buggies appeal to the road hog in everyone. Put on a crash helmet, get behind the wheel and see if you can win the time trials in a cross country rally buggy with around 600ccs of power!

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Written by Jim Alexander

08th Wednesday April 2015

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