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Welcome to Action Days, where three decades of expertise in corporate event planning come together to offer you an unmatched experience in team building. Based in Nottingham and serving clients across the UK, we specialise in transforming typical corporate gatherings into extraordinary, memorable events.

Looking to inspire your team with an Olympic themed event, then look no further we have a number a event options to get your team in the Olympic spirt.

Introducing the Olympic Game Office Challengers — a unique blend of competition and collaboration designed to strengthen your team's unity and competitive spirit. Drawing inspiration from the excitement surrounding the Olympics 2024, this series of tailored activities brings the thrill of Olympic Sports directly to your workplace. Whether you're looking to infuse your office environment with a new level of energy or seeking a fun, engaging way to enhance team dynamics, our corporate Olympic game ideas are engineered to deliver outstanding results. Prepare for a day of challenges and triumphs, perfectly orchestrated by our seasoned event planners at Action Days.

Why Not Try Office Olympics

Office Olympics are a fantastic chance for your team to leave their usual roles behind and come together as equals. It's a special day where hierarchy fades into the background and everyone comes together to have fun and achieve a common goal together in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. This change of scene not only shakes up the daily routine but also strengthens the sense of community and togetherness among staff.

The event itself is a celebration of what makes your company great: the creativity and energy of your people. It’s a lively showcase of your team's spirit and a great way to demonstrate your company’s values in action, proving that work isn't just about what you achieve but also how you achieve it — together, with joy and balance.

Choosing to hold Office Olympics shows you’re a company that really cares about its employees, prioritising their satisfaction and well-being. It's a clear signal that you're committed to creating a workplace that values growth, supports a healthy work-life balance, and sees the personal development of its people as a priority.

The Benefits of Olympic Themed Corporate Team Building

At Action Days, we believe in delivering more than just fun activities; we aim to provide transformative experiences that offer lasting benefits for your team and organisation. Our Olympic themed corporate team building events are designed to foster a number of advantages that contribute to both individual and collective growth. Here’s how participating in our Olympic Game Office Challengers can benefit your company:

Enhanced Team Cohesion:

Through taking part in Olympic challenge games, your employees will experience the essence of true teamwork. As they navigate through various challenges, they'll learn to rely on each other’s strengths and support one another in areas of weakness. This results in a more cohesive unit that can effectively tackle workplace challenges together.

Improved Communication Skills:

Communication is the backbone of any successful team, and our events create a fun and open environment for employees to do this, allowing them to express ideas and strategies in a new environment. The necessity to strategize and make decisions under engaging circumstances encourages clearer and more effective communication, which then translates into better interactions back in the office.

Boosted Morale and Job Satisfaction:

Participation in an exciting and unique event like the office Olympics increases employee morale and enhances job satisfaction. The thrill of competition and the joy of victory are incredible motivators, fostering a positive workplace atmosphere that can reduce turnover and increase employee loyalty.

Leadership Development:

Our corporate Olympic games are an excellent arena for emerging leaders to shine. They provide individuals with the opportunity to lead by example and take charge of smaller teams, helping them develop leadership skills that are crucial for their professional growth and the company’s success.

Increased Creativity and Problem-Solving:

The challenges designed for the Olympics require creative thinking and innovative problem-solving. Employees are encouraged to think outside the box to overcome obstacles, which enhances their ability to approach business challenges with fresh perspectives and inventive solutions.

Stress Reduction:

Engaging in physical activities and playful competition serves as a great stress reliever. It allows employees to step away from the daily grind, recharge their mental batteries, and return to work invigorated, which can lead to higher productivity and a more harmonious workplace.

By incorporating the spirit of the 2024 Olympics into our team building events, Action Days provides an invigorating platform for your team to grow, collaborate, and excel together. Investing in such a unique team building experience underscores your commitment to your employees’ professional and personal development, directly contributing to the overall success within your company.

Our Office Olympic Activity Options –

Office Olympiad

At Action Days, our Office Olympiad brings out the spirit of competition and friendship with a variety of engaging activities. Among the eclectic mix, you'll find crowd favourites such as Garden Darts & Boules for those who enjoy precision, Giant Human Table Football for an energetic team effort, Blindfold Synchronised Swimming for a hilarious and trust-building challenge, and Bungee Curling for a blend of strategy and fun. These activities are just a glimpse of the extensive selection available, ensuring every participant finds a way to contribute, compete, and celebrate within their team. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the variety, and build a stronger, more connected team with our tailored Office Olympiad experience.

Olympic Challengers

Rally your team for an exhilarating day with our Olympic Challenge, where you’ll channel the spirit of the world’s greatest athletes and compete in a series of games inspired by the Olympic Games. Teamwork, communication, and creativity are key to conquering these challenges and claiming victory!

What’s Involved?

Participants will face four dynamic Olympic themed challenges:

Flag Making: Test your creativity and time management by designing and crafting a flag that represents your country's national identity. With limited time and materials, this challenge requires resourcefulness and quick thinking.

Olympic Rings Transport: The classic challenge of moving the Olympic rings from point A to point B without letting them touch the ground. This task will need a coordinated human chain, emphasizing problem-solving and teamwork.

Choreograph an Opening Ceremony: Inspired by iconic Olympic ceremonies, your team will create and perform a routine that captures the essence of famous Olympic events through dance and movement.

Blindfold Olympics: Navigate a series of inflatable obstacles, including hurdles and archery, all while blindfolded. This exciting challenge tests trust and communication.

Our Olympic Challenges outdoor event combines fun with creativity, pushing teams to work together and think outside the box. Participants will leave feeling energised and accomplished, with a deeper bond and a shared sense of achievement.

Olympic Cupcake Decoration

Gear up for an Olympic-themed cupcake decorating challenge! Teams will represent a competing nation, using buttercream and fondant to capture the essence of their chosen country on delicious vanilla-flavoured Madeira cupcakes.

What’s Involved?

Under the guidance of a skilled chef, you'll learn top decorating techniques to help your team stand out. Armed with six cupcakes and a full decorating kit, each team will tackle three Olympic-themed challenges that test their creativity, time management, and teamwork.

Will your team triumph with their artistic creations or face a fondant fumble? This event is a fun and engaging way to enhance team collaboration and learn new skills in a spirited, competitive atmosphere.

Get ready, set, and decorate!

Olympic Gourmet Challenge

Dive into the Olympic Gourmet Challenge where your team crafts a menu to capture the essence of a chosen Olympic country. Guided by master chefs, you'll utilise seasonal ingredients to whip up a variety of dishes, managing your time and roles efficiently to impress.

What’s Involved?

Whether crafting a full dinner or an assortment of canapés, teams will use provided ingredients to execute a professional chef’s menu. This event tests your team's collaboration, communication, and culinary creativity.

Will your dishes clinch the gold, or will you be left holding the wooden spoon? This fast-paced cooking challenge is perfect for enhancing team dynamics and boosting morale.

Ready, set, cook your way to victory!

Olympic Nutrition

Engage in the Olympic Nutrition Challenge, where your team's task is to fuel an athlete for victory. Design a menu that includes a shake, a main course, and a snack, each tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of different sports disciplines.

What’s Involved?

After planning your athlete-specific menu, shop for ingredients within a budget at our provided "shop". Utilise limited kitchen equipment to create dishes that are as nutritious as they are appealing.

Judges will evaluate your creations on presentation, nutrition, taste, and cost-effectiveness. Teams must also craft an advert to showcase their menu’s value.

This challenge combines culinary creativity with strategic planning, offering a fun and insightful look into the dietary preparations that support Olympic champions.

So why not get your team Olympic ready with one of our outstanding Olympic themed team building events.

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Written by Lauren Dalrymple

24th Friday May 2024

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