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Social Distancing Team Building Ideas

social distancing team building ideas
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Once lockdown is over its going to take time for people and teams to get back to normality, what would help is a fun team building day to get them back into the teamwork mode and to get them used to working back together again in the office.

We have a wide range of team building events that cover a wide range of objectives, so if you let us know what you are wanting to achieve from your day, we can send you a selection of events that would deliver.

We have outdoor events, indoor events, icebreakers, evening events, themed events, mindfulness events, and activity days to name a few. We can bring events into the office or find a venue perfect for your event. Off Limits Event Professionals have been in the business for over 25 years, so we really will have everything covered for you along with public liability insurance, so you will not need to worry about a thing. 

If you are looking for events that keep with social distancing after lockdown then we can help you there, please see below a list of social distancing team building event ideas.

This is a great way to get everyone motivated and back into the swing of things. You can use an open space outside or inside ensuring everyone is 2m apart. Then get prepared to bring your war dance spirit as one of our instructors teaches you all the Haka moves. For a grand final we will film all the team doing the Haka together, this is a great memento from a great team building experience that everyone will remember.

CSI Investigates
Get those detective skills at the ready, this is a great event to get people working in a different way with people they would not normally work with. Its also a great event to show people how transferable the skills they have are and how important every part of the team is to create success together and achieve a goal. Will your team be able to find the culprit? 

Clap Happy
This is a great ice breaker to get everyone back together, everyone will be given different coloured gloves and our instructor will show each colour their part. Will your team members remember their parts, will they be able to keep up with the changes shouted out through the event, and will everyone be able to work their parts together to make the tune? 

These mini box challenges are hard but with teamwork you will make it through them all, but how many crystals will you win on the way. Choose the right team members for the right box challenge to make sure your team has the best chance to win as many crystals as possible. This is a great event to get the competitive team spirt back. 

Get your quiz team names at the ready for this interactive quiz. Always a great way to get everyone working together, quizzes are always a winner and this one comes with some fun active rounds to get your teams on their feet. This quiz always delivers fun for everyone. 

Get your team members at the ready to go head to head, these timed challenges are harder than they look, so make sure you have a variety of skills in your team. Each member will take part in different challenges, make sure you choose wisely to give your team the best chance for success. Are your team in it to win it? 

We also have a selection of virtual events, so we can virtually run an event for you. We have a great variety from cocktail making, wine tasting and cheese tasting, to treasure hunts, virtual challenges, and quizzes to name a few. 

So, if you are looking for the perfect way to get everyone motivated and working together again, then look no further Off Limits have all the answers for you. 
A great team building day is always a sure-fire way to bring everyone back together. 

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Written by Barry O'Neil

23rd Thursday April 2020

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