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Summer team building events

summer team building events
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The summer is fast approaching so why not boost your employees with a spectacular outdoor team building event? Check out the Off Limits Events top outdoor team building events for your delegates designed to inspire your employees to perform better, the events will increase morale and enable colleagues to bond more effectively in a fresher environment. It's time to move away from the daily routine as these summer team building events with a twist offer an excuse for employees to relax in the (hopefully) wonderful summer weather. At Off Limits Events we've designed a range of suitable summer events to provide delegates with optimum laughter and enjoyment. Just ensure your delegates bring plenty of enthusiasm for the high point of the year on the employee calender. View our top summer team building activities:

Jungle Experience

Our Jungle Experience is a chance to take your delegates over to the wild side! Race against the clock as you complete the team building challenges to earn stars. This event is all about bugs, spiders and plenty of scary surprises in between. The team building event includes the stepping stones activity as delegates face the scary big bug platters. The Jungle Escape means teams can create makeshift launchers and fire coconuts as far as possible over the jungle's bed of shrubs. There will be plenty of laughter with the Spider's Web activity as the delegates try to get individuals through the tricky gaps in the web, don't forget if you touch the web you'll go straight back to the beginning. A fantastically, wild event that teaches the art of communication, time management and leadership skills.

Crystal Quest

It's time to experience this seriously cult classic team building event, delegates will crack cryptic clues, conquer mental and physical challenges in the great outdoors. Delegates will dive into the world of crystals, themed areas, challenges, domes and tickets. Each area will buy precious seconds in the finale dome where delegates can have fun collecting as many tickets as possible. As soon as the wind machine cranks into gear the delegates will be jumping and diving into the air. The event will encourage communication, interaction, collaboration and time management skills amongst delegates as well as provide plenty of enjoyment and laughter.

Olympic Challenges

Try to motivate your troops in the ultimate summer sporting event! Take on a collection of classic games inspired by the world's greatest sporting event and smash challenges to take home gold. Your mission is to test creativity as you join forces with fellow colleagues as you use communication, problem solving and creativity to smash challenges. This event incorporates everything from the blindfold Olympics, inflatable hurdles whilst you try your hand at archery and represent your country on the inflatable obstacle course.

Totally Wiped Out

Totally Wiped Out is a redesign of the hit games TV classic Total Wipeout with an Off Limits Events original twist. This is one hilarious inflatable event that delegates will love in the great outdoors, think blow-up fisticuffs, big red balls alley and the challenging inflatable punch wall. The games are conducted as constant team relays, everyone involved will love creating this lively and fun competitive environment.

Teamwork challenges

Teamwork Challenges is an event specifically engineered to help clients tackle workplace issues such as time management and delegation whilst you work as a unit to make the most of your colleagues individual strengths. All activities are presented in a relaxed outdoor environment but with a competitive slant. The Pyramids activity is a real head scratcher that requires lateral thinking and collaboration amongst colleagues and Storm the Castle is an opportunity to take delegates back to the medieval times as you create your own catapult to capture the castle and fire boulders at the main wall. Remember the king won't give up without a fight either, it's a great chance to improve communication, leadership and team unification.

Are you interested in any of these summer team building events? Contact us for more information.

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Written by Jenna Halford

18th Wednesday April 2018

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