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Why take your team building event outdoors

why take your team building event outdoors
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Outdoor team building is a totally different experience from an indoor team building event. It's a great way to improve skills in a fresh environment to educate, inspire and entertain employees. The outdoor environment will reduce stress levels and encourage employees to better know their colleagues outside the office walls. It can inspire fresh new challenges without the normal threat of failure and spark delegates into taking on new challenges. The only thing needed is plenty of enthusiasm and a little bit of sunshine (hopefully)

At Off Limits Event Professionals we have an array of outdoor team building activities for our clients in the great outdoors:

Teamwork challenges

Why just have one activity for an outdoor teambuilding event? This event caters for a whole host of delegates depending on the group size. The Teamwork Challenges event is presented in a relaxed outdoor teambuilding environment with a competitive slant. It's the perfect event for outdoor climates and helps clients develop new skillsets and supports team members into understanding the strengths of their colleagues. The challenges include the pyramids, operation countdown, blindfold sheep herding and storm the castle. Client Legal and General had an action packed day on their teamwork challenges, the weather held out and a positive team building atmosphere was achieved throughout. The outdoor event tackled some of the most common issues in the workplace such as time management, delegation and working as a unit to making the most of individual employee strengths.

Changing Rooms

The push of social responsibility skills in the workplace makes this event the perfect teambuilding activity. This event illustrates how teambuilding can be an incredibly rewarding experience that promotes social and environmental wellbeing as well as core business aims and activities. This is exactly what Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles achieved when they teamed up to improve Amber Valley Park to give something back to the community. This event was very hands and delegates took part in tasks such as painting changing rooms, maintaining the bowling green, tending flower beds, maintaining play equipment and upgrading the local park. The grand unveiling took place with the local Mayor and councillors and it was fantastic to see the final results.

Totally Wiped Out

This is a fantastic outdoor team building event and was mastered in our very own design workshop. It's inspired by the BBC gameshow, the aim is to win points and is a total scream for delegates. It's bold, fun and totally unforgettable with the big red balls, inflatable punch wall, perilous pyramid, sweeper arm, wrecking ball, x-treme zorbing and tricky trunks activities. It remains one of our most popular team building events and one of unforgettable fun.

Jungle Experience

It's time to opt for something a little more quirky for your delegates. The Jungle Experience is certainly unique and it's based on the hit reality TV show ‘I'm a Celebrity'. Its guaranteed outdoor fun for your delegates and you'll be racing against time to complete the team building challenges and earn stars. It involves all sorts of creepy crawlies including bug platters, spider web and boxes filled with plenty of scary surprises. The team building event covers a whole host of teambuilding skills from overcoming fears to improving communication. It's time to get teams to think creatively. This isn't your typical team building event but will encourage competiveness and unite teams in an interactive, entertaining and collaborative environment.

By the end of it you'll be screaming ‘I'm an employee get me outta here'

Olympic Challenges

This is certainly one to motivate the troops and will bring out the Olympian in all delegates. It's a medley of outdoor games inspired by the world's biggest sporting event. You'll be looking at all aspects of running an Olympic event including choreographing the Olympic ceremony, racing in the inflatable obstacle course, archery and creating your own national flags with delegates. With this event you'll get to join forces with fellow team mates using communication, problem solving and creativity to smash challenges.

What's your favourite outdoor teambuilding event? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

17th Tuesday January 2017

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