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Corporate Driving Events

corporate driving events
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Corporate Driving Events

Whether you are looking for a team building activity, a way to raise funds for charity, or just a fun outing to reward employees, off roading is a fun way for your employees to have a great time.

Quad Bike Safari - Quad bikes are 4-wheeled vehicles are built more for agility than speed. Reward your top performing work teams by sending them on an off-road adventure where they will travel as a group over challenging terrain on quad bikes. Teams will bond as they navigate shallow streams and steep hills in an area of natural beauty.

power-turns - Team members will have to work together to get the best out of these machines. These twin engined dragsters have no steering wheel so need to be controlled by gentle control of the twin engine throttles. Careful team work is needed from the co-drivers as they try to navigate through a slalom course in the quickest time.

Chuckle Buggies - Chuckle Buggies are small and responsive at the controls, and they can quickly catch you out when you least expect it. As the name suggests Chuckle Buggies will make other chuckle at your antics.

Micro Quads - Pursue your team mates on the same track with these furious little machines. When driving these vehicles you look stupid, feel stupid but you have a great fun! A driving event not to be missed!

Rage Buggies - With Rage Buggies you will experience the ultimate in off roading; they are a true adrenaline rush! They take excitement to a new level with better handling for faster more controlled turns.

All these driving events build a range of team skills, promote healthy competing between work teams, or individual team member and allow everyone to "blow off steam" in an entertaining stress-free environment.

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