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Team Development Challenge Days

team development challenge days
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Team Challenge Days

Are you looking for a unique team building experience for your organization's work teams? Would you like the experience to build the specific skills needed by each team? If so, consider looking into the following team challenge events, each designed to build a different skill set.

Mission CCS: With this challenge two teams compete to navigate a simulated minefield while transporting a canister of imagined "hazardous material" to its destination. The trick in the game is that all team members navigating the minefield are blindfolded and must be guided by the instruction of their "seeing" team mates. This activity builds communication skills, observational skills, and team camaraderie.

The Web: This competition is a hands on exercise that involves team members physically assisting team mates through a three dimensional web. If any member touches the web, the team must start over. The object is to beat the competing team to the finish line. Team trust, time management skills, delegation skills, and logical thinking skills are developed using this challenge.

Storm the Castle: This activity is useful in building team management skills, precision skills, and to develop caution in teams who tend to take uncalculated risks.The teams must create their very own Trebuchet. Using this, teams must launch boulders over the castle wall to take down and defeat as many knights as possible to defend your land.

Operation Countdown: Teams who need to develop attention to detail, risk calculation skills, productivity under pressure, and investigative skills will benefit from this challenge. The object of this game is to decipher clues to identify which spy has the bomb, and then to facilitate a controlled detonation of the simulated bomb.

Pyramids: This exercise is useful in improving time management, communication and problems solving skills. Team are faced with a pyramid of seven large coloured blocks, all your team has to do is move the blocks from point A to point B or C. The only problem is they can only move one block at a time and never stack a large block on top of a small block

The Land Raft: This activity will help to improve team management and time management skills. Individual teams need to construct a raft which will transport all team members from Point A to Point B, only using Egyptian technology.

Human Sheep Herding: Teams who want to improve their trust and communication skills will benefit from this activity. Teams will elect a shepherd who must guide blindfolded team members dressed as sheep safely into a pen.

Reach for the Sky: This activity is useful in building team management skills and problem solving abilities. Utilising the provided equipment your teams must assemble and launch a rocket. The teams whose rocket flies the furthest with will be winners.

Regardless of the needs of your teams, a challenge is available to sharpen the designated skill sets. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the ideal team building experience for your corporate teams.

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