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Team Building That Teaches Real World Skills

team building that teaches real world skills
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One thing employees dread most is boring team building events that add little or no value to their morale or skillsets. Employees are most excited by dynamic team building events that involve building and developing real-life skills, these events can contribute to transforming employee morale and have a positive impact on their personal lives. Real-life skills are associated with managing and improving quality of life to help accomplish ambitions and goals. It's important to get employees excited and working together on skilful team building events as they will provide plenty of value for participants as well as esteem and motivation. These events will get individuals working together and inspire them to improve practical skills and build confidence. Get inspired by the following team building event ideas:

Survival team building

Eco Shelter Building is a great way to teach employees the real art of real woodworking and is a fantastic, green team building activity. This team building event teaches the traditional craft of woodworking and is great for sustainability, plus it's a great opportunity to develop work principles and illustrate resourcefulness. Teams unite during the activity to construct eco-shelters using only classic techniques and tools. The Bush Craft Survival event is a great team building event designed for survival experience and is a great way for individuals to get out of the office, into the outdoors and away from their desks. Teams will work together to discover how to survive on the land using only wits, teamwork, basic tools and ancient techniques. During the main event, you'll need to successfully set up your base camp and complete a number of special tasks including emergency shelter building, fire lighting and surviving on ration packs.

Food/culinary experiences

Food based team building events delight employees and inspire them to learn new skill bases, this will in turn improve creativity and communication. The Off Limits Event Professionals baking events such as Cup Cake Decorating and Bake Off mean individuals will begin to broaden their skills through basic baking techniques. The Balanced Bites workshop is an even greater experience for individuals as they have an opportunity to create nutritious and delicious two-course meals. This will create longer term benefits for employees and encourage employees to cook nutritious healthy meals through healthy meal plans.The Olympic Nutrition Challenge is a fascinating event that looks at the food that fuels champions as each team is tasked to design specific nutritious menus. Each menu created uses a specific discipline using only ingredients brought from the shop and will help design planning techniques such as budget, creative and analytical skills.

Social responsibility and giving back to the community

Socially responsibility enables individuals to take part in team building events that put something back into the community. The Changing Rooms event is unique and teaches a whole host of workplace-relevant skills as it instils a sense of social responsibility amongst delegates. The event is rewarding and illuminating and will teach a whole host of workplace relevant skills, it's a real hands-on, challenging, team building event.

Stress busting sessions

Mindfulness events use brilliantly simple techniques to control tension and manage stress levels. The half or full day workshop has a range of activities from yoga to meditation, visualisation, beginner massages and tai chi. The guests will learn everything from breathing, laughter to movement and touch. The topic of mindfulness is a growing trend in the workplace and these techniques help reduce stress and get employees out the rut of negative thinking. Introducing mindfulness techniques can help individuals navigate through busy days inside and outside the workplace in a calmer and more considered manner.

What are your thoughts on team building events that teach real world skills? We'd love to hear from you on Linked in or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

03rd Monday July 2017

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