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Office Team Building

Give your colleagues a horizon-expanding experience with office team building events. Give mind-numbing meetings their marching orders! We're talking inspiring mental and physical challenges that produce real results. Bored by the same old away days and bonding exercises? Let us relight the fire! Creative and challenging, our office team building events fit the bill brilliantly.

Get out of the office!

It's time to be inspired in a brand new setting. Take the team out of their comfort zone and challenge them with tasks, games and activities. Make a movie in the morning. Build a human pyramid in the afternoon. Treat the team to a day of Country Sports. Or test their mettle with a Bushcraft Survival Day. We supply equipment, run the event and debrief the group afterwards. You are left free to watch how the team takes on their tasks.

All of our office team building activities are fun, engaging and adaptable. They develop skills that can be easily transferred to an office environment. Suitable for groups of under 10 and over 1000, they meet all sorts of different needs. From the rewarding to the really challenging, they come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Use office team building games to build trust or boost morale. Develop collaboration skills; improve performance, time management and communication. That's just a small selection of what these challenges can achieve. It's all about creative thinking and problem solving in a fresh environment.

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Creative Office Team Building Exercises

These are ideal for developing problem solving skills and collaboration techniques. Don your director's hat and check out Movie Creation. Recreate a Picasso masterpiece based on the memory of one team member. Create a Pop Music Promo or put together the front page of a newspaper.

These all imaginative challenges that require communication and team work.

Driving days are another excellent option to explore. Build trust with Blindfold Driving and High Ropes Courses. Get teams firing on all cylinders with Rage Buggies and Quad Bikes. There's nothing like Powerturns for encouraging cooperation! It takes two to control them.

If you're looking for something completely different, try 'It's a Knockout.' Teams compete in the world's wackiest tournament. Amazing fun, it's equally good as a reward or a motivator.

Bespoke Office Team Building Exercises

What works for one group isn't always appropriate for another. That's why we offer office team building exercises that can be tailored to suit specific requirements. Got a group of mixed ages and abilities? If so, finding an activity to suit can be a tricky business.

That's where we come in.

We've got a whole host of adaptable office team building games. Tailor a day to suit strengths and work on weaknesses. Stimulate the mind. Push the body. Or get the best of both worlds.

Let us know what your objectives are. We'll whip up a list of suggestions to suit your needs and the balance sheet.

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