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20 Weeks Until Christmas...

20 weeks until christmas...
Christmas Activities

We can’t believe it’s only 20 weeks until Christmas! Have you started to think about your Christmas party? From office parties to huge venue events we can help, with our themed options and activities.

Check out our activities that are perfect for office parties below:

Cocktail Making

Crystal Quest 

Lock Box Challenge 


Race Night 

Festive Wine Tasting

Family Misfortunes

Here are some ideas for mid-size venues:


Treasure Hunt

Murder Mystery 

Santa Sleigh Box Derby

Advent Adverts

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Creation 

For larger size venue Christmas parties:

Ultimate Challenge 

The Christmas Baking Challenge 

Jungle Experience 

Team Work Challenge 

Human Logo 

Quest for the Best 

CSI Investigate

Millionaire by Midnight

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

09th Friday August 2019

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