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Top Team Building Events for 2023

top team building events for 2023
Christmas Activities

Are you looking for a team building event to start the new year off the right way? We have many events that will keep your team entertained and motivated. Sometimes all a team need is time together working on something that is non-work related. Working together, communicating, and building on the relationships between colleagues are just a few positives you can take from one of our events. Take a read of our top team building events for 2023:

Sustainable Soapbox Speedway

If you have ever watched the soap box rally on television, you will know this event is going to be great. Create your very own soapbox with your team and compete against others to see who creates the winning soapbox. Teams will need to use their imagination, creativity, and pedal power to be on the podium. Each soapbox will go through an MOT, so make sure you build them with confidence. This event encourages thinking outside of the box, develops team communication and highlights the importance of leadership and delegation.

Lockbox Challenge

Lockbox challenge involves teams cracking codes to be able to get into the flight case that is on their table. This may sound really easy to do but this will have your team working together, being creative, thinking outside of the box and being collaborative. The teams will only have a certain amount of time before the clock runs out, will they do the right thing together to ensure they crack the lock?


Our CSI Investigate is a brilliant team building challenge. You and your team will become detectives to ensure that the right killer or killers are in custody at the end. A great aspect to CSI is that we can tailor the whole event around a theme of your choice. Your team will be involved with crime scene photography, fingerprinting, mobile phone interrogation and much more.

It’s a Knockout

If you haven’t already heard of It’s a Knockout, then you need to spend five minutes looking at how this event could be your next team building activity. This event will have your team belly laughing and making memories with each other. A great way to get out of the office and spending time with your colleagues away from the same environment. This will have your team dressed up in giant penguin costumes, having a blast on the huge inflatables and so much more. Think lots of foam, inflatables and fun costumes, bringing out everyone’s competitive side. This event will boost morale, build on confidence, and develops communication skills.

Totally Wiped Out

Another one of our extremely popular events is Totally Wiped Out. Yes, you will get to run across the big red balls, but will you make it over without falling? Teams will come across various challenges on different inflatables where they will have to have team spirit to get them through. Which one of your team will beat the sweeper arm or maybe even make it up slippery summit? Totally Wiped Out will give your team something to look forward to and allows them to be outside which is great for their mental health too. This really is a corporate event to consider!

Infiltrator – Virtual

This team building event is a must try! If you like doing escape rooms, then try this virtual one with your team. Can you and your team save the day by stealing the chemical, they will need to crack a number of different codes and clues. You can do this in multiple teams and race against each other to see who will win. This team building activity is suitable for 6-300 players. A brilliant meeting filler or even a conference activity.

Tablet Treasure Hunt

Tablet Treasure Hunt is an event that will engage your team, get them up on their feet and working together to be the team who wins. Teams will compete against each other to complete the challenges in the fastest time. Everyone in the team will feel like they are playing a vital role in the success of cracking the challenges. Answer several questions, complete a photo assignment, and obtain items from our shopping list the quickest for your chance to be the winners. If you are looking to develop team cohesion, then tablet treasure hunt is the activity for you.

Quick Quiz

Fastest finger first! Quick quiz is a perfect way to give your teams a break from the everyday normalities in the office. Give them a chance to take their mind off their to do lists and test their brains another way. The quiz has various rounds that we can choose for you, or you can tell us the topic of the rounds you would like to play. It could be a topic all about the company – this will test your players! Work together in teams or individually for our Quick Quiz team event.

In It to Win It

An office favourite, In It to Win It can be delivered right in the office at your convenience, outside or another room in your work area. With many small activities to complete you could make it an office championship where people select a game they want to play and only get involved when it is their time to play. Alternatively, make this something for the whole company to get involved with and battle it out between the office teams. Watching your manager flip tortillas on their head will help build relationships within the team.

Indoor Crystal Quest

Indoor crystal quest is perfect for those office meetings where you want to break the ice. Who will win the most crystals by completing the tricky challenges ahead? Each box contains different mental & physical challenges for your team to work out. These challenges are the ones that get people on the edge of their seats to see if their colleague has completed it in time. Will they be beaten, or do they have what it takes to beat the quest?

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13th Friday January 2023

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