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There are always many questions that are asked when you are looking for your next team building event, we have come up with a few answers to those questions to help you decide what would most suit your next event. Planning your next team building event has never been so easy. 

Team building events perfect for 10-30 people: 

We have many events that are suitable for smaller groups, any of our events from our ice breaker category, lock box challenge, indoor/ outdoor crystal quest and multi activity are all perfect for smaller teams. 

Team building events perfect for 50-100 people:

It’s a Knockout, Totally Wiped Out, school sports and Dragons Lair are all appropriate for big teams and are also our most popular events that work well bringing a fun atmosphere and having different people working together in teams. We can tailor all our events to suit your requirements so all you need to do is inform us of the numbers. 

We have a small space, what team building events can you provide? 

Indoor Crystal quest works extremely well in an office environment as we can move and run this event in small rooms with just tables. Lock box, all our icebreakers, Selfie mirror and in it to win it are all suitable for small areas too. 

We like a variety of events, can we do more than one on a day?

Yes. We can tailor a whole day full of events if you wanted. Or a whole evening etc.  

Do you travel to us all over the UK?

Yes. Our events are held throughout the UK and worldwide too. We can come to you, set up the event and provide the fun. All details and timings will be presented to you within the booking process.  

Will you find a venue for us? 

Yes. We offer a free venue finding service, which means you tell us what event you are wanting, and an ideal location and we will organise the best venue for the criteria.

Can you provide an event that slots into a meeting or conference? 

Yes. We have many events that are great at the start of meetings, in the middle and even at the end. Some of these events include The Haka, In It 2 Win It and any games from our icebreaker category.

What’s new and unique?

Out indoor crystal quest is a great event and one of our most recent, CSI Investigate has a great twist on the ordinary team building event and very simulating on the mind. Our escape rooms in Nottingham and Leicester are new and very popular, great for smaller teams, communication and team work.

What would you recommend for a group that do not know each other?

If your team are unfamiliar with each other we would recommend some of our events that are great for communication, team work and leadership. Team work challenge and It’s a Knockout are events that are guaranteed to knock down those work barriers and build relationships in a fun environment. Picasso picture show is great for communication and team work. Lock box challenge is another perfect event for communication as this event will need the team to pick out individuals’ key strengths to complete the task.  

How can your events match our company theme / values? 

If you have a theme that you would like your event to adhere to, we will always do our best to match the theme and put together events that will suit. For example, we had an event where the theme was moving forward – we put together a F1 racing day to incorporate with this theme. Another example is when we had a theme that was ‘community’ and for this we put on a community themed fete. We really will seek to meet all requirements and make your event one to remember. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

16th Friday November 2018

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