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Accept a Fresh Challenge

Truly inspiring team building activities show people what's possible when they take that deep breath, and accept a fresh challenge. It's like a marathon for your brain! Are you ready to have your perceptions changed and horizons shifted?

A bushcraft team building day will give you a glimpse into the life of Ray Mears!

No coffee runs, GPS, smartphones or internet. In the Bush Craft Survival challenge You'll be living off the land, using your problem solving skills, wits, team work, simple tools and ancient survival techniques. Camping will be a walk in the park after this! Up for the ultimate team building challenge?

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Sailing quite literally broadens horizons.

It's the original 'out of your comfort zone' team building activity. You're off dry land and constantly moving on the open waters. Situations don't get much more challenging than that. Learn the basics of sailing and experience the truly awe-inspiring sensation of actually standing at the helm and piloting a boat!

Country sports such as archery and falconry are incredibly inspiring.

Find out what happens when you swap 21st century tools for bows, arrows and birds of prey! Archery and falconry require great skill, control, a keen eye, respect, confidence, and unshakeable cool under pressure.

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