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Icebreaker Events are a great way to get a conference or team building day off to an amazing start. Run by our facilitators, they're designed to spark enthusiasm and get delegates in the right frame of mind, fast.

These days, there's more to ice breakers then standing up and revealing something strange about yourself!

Click on the icons below for a full description of each ice breaker.

Our ice breakers are fun; hands-on mini-activities which get everyone participating from the word go. The aim is to energise and inspire delegates at the start of the day or give them a boost at the halfway point.

Delegates start to interact, which automatically improves communication and collaboration and leads to a more productive conference or away day.

Our shortest ice breakers take around 10 minutes, whilst others can last up to 1 hour. We offer indoor and outdoor activities to suit a range of needs and budgets and will tailor a multi-activity day to suit your specific aims and objectives.

Choose from creative challenges, music-related tasks and head-scratching puzzles.

Clap Happy is a simple communication and collaboration exercise which sees delegates working together in harmony to create a pitch-perfect performance piece. Chocolate Interlude works brilliantly as a mid-conference energiser and gets delegates to participate in a demonstration and tasting session. We always find there are plenty of willing volunteers!

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